Food Safety & Licencing

Public and environmental health is about the monitoring and promotion of health through food safety, nutrition regulation, communicable disease prevention and oontrol, immunisation programs, radiation regulation, tobacco control, pharmaceutical services (drugs and poisons) and environmental health.

Drinking Water

Reticulated water which is supplied to many residents in Latrobe Municipality is provided by Cradle Mountain Water Corporation from treatment plants located at Forth.  The Corporation has a Water Quality Policy which aims to comply with Tasmanian Drinking Water guidelines issued by the Director of Public Health under the Public Health Act, 1997.

For further information in relation to reticulated water please visit Taswater Website

Private Water Supply

If a private water supply is being used for human consumption for commercial purposes or in any place that is used for health, educational, imprisonment or detention purposes it must be registered.  Applications can be made to Council for a Private Water Supply.

Application for a Private Water Supply

Food Safety and Licencing

The safety and quality of food is regulated and monitored by the Department of Health and Human Services in conjunction with local councils.  Under the requirements of the Tasmanian Food Act 2003, food premises are required to be registered by their respective Local Government Authority.

The handling and selling of food is categorised from very low risk, such as selling pre-packaged food in canteens to higher risk activities such as food preparation in restaurants. Council is required to regularly inspect these premises to ensure that they comply with the Australian Food Safety Standards and the Tasmanian Food Act 2003.

Temporary food businesses are required to register with Council.  Temporary food premises includes all food vans, trailers, food stalls, markets, fairs and the like where food for human consumption is prepared and/or sold.  These businesses do not operate on a permanent basis.

Notification of a Food Business

Australian Food Safety Standards

Application for Registration/Renewal of a Food Business

Application for Temporary Food Business

Temp Food Stall Guidelines

Roadside Vendor Application(211 kb)

Food Safety Training

Food safety training is held on a regular basis at Latrobe Council. Information will be routinely provided when the next session is confirmed.  Please contact Council's Environmental Health Officer for more information on 6426 4444.

Training Opportunity

Council  has gained access to some free online training – this can be completed in addition or ‘stand-alone’  to the face to face training that is routinely offered.

This training, endorsed by Environmental Health Australia, will assist you and your staff to develop the essential skills and knowledge required to ensure safe food for your customers and to comply with your obligations under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

The program uses animation, narration, interactive tasks and quizzes in a logical and easy learning format. The 'essential' food safety certificate can be printed upon completing the course.

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Regulated Systems

The owner of any premises may apply to Council for the registration of any regulated system.  A regulated system includes an air-handling system, cooling tower, warm-water system, humidifying system or any other system or process that may involve the risk of legionnaire's disease.  The system owner must ensure that it is operated and maintained in a manner that is does not pose a threat to public health.

Registration of a Regulated System(103 kb)

Places of Assembly

The Public Health Act 1997 regulates the licensing, operation, use and management of places which are used as a Place of Assembly.  This means that a person must obtain a licence to lawfully use or lease a place as a Place of Assembly.

Guidelines set out health and safety requirements for places of assembly and other premises where the public congregates for special events, and are issued by the Director of Public Health under s.184 of the Act.  Council licences and inspects Places of Assembly to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Mass Gathering Application Form

Public Health Risk Activities

Public Health Risk Activities include acupuncture, tattooing and ear, nose and body piercing.  People who carry out these activities and the premises where it is occurring are required to be licensed with Council.  Audits/inspections are conducted and operational procedures and practices are assessed against the relevant legislation and guidelines.

Public Health Risk Application Form(65 kb)

Needle and Syringe Program

There are a number of people within the community who for various reasons use 'sharps' such as needles, in their daily lives.  Latrobe Council offers a free sharps container exchange and disposal service for Latrobe Municipality residents.    Used sharps containers may be brought to the Council Office for exchange.