For life-threatening emergencies call 000.

Emergencies may not be something we think about every day, but they can strike at any time and disrupt lives in many different ways.  Council encourages residents to do their own emergency planning.  Be pro-active, and talk to your family and friends about being prepared and staying safe in the event of a disaster.

Council encourages residents to tune into the ABC Radio or visit the ABC Emergency website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Residents can also visit TasALERT or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


Please refer to the COVID-19 page for information.

Emergency Service Providers

Tasmania Police prevent, detect and investigate crime, promote road safety and coordinate emergency and rescue operations.

Tasmania Fire Service provides warnings and response to structural fires and bushfires, as well as other rescue and recovery activities.

Ambulance Tasmania provides emergency and non-emergency ambulance and patient transport services.

State Emergency Services (SES) - Call 132 500 for emergency assistance during storms and floods.

All the Emergency Service Providers above have important information online to assist you to prepare for emergencies.  The Australian Red Cross also has a range of resources.

During times of emergencies, your landline or mobile phone may now be used to deliver a critical warning from Emergency Services Providers.  Learn more about this system here.

Following an emergency e.g. flood, fire, wind storms etc Council can be contacted for information and referral to support systems.

Become an Emergency Services Volunteer

In Tasmania, our emergency services run with the help of people just like you who work as volunteers.

While we are grateful to those who put their hand up in a crisis, the time to join us is now and learn new skills before disasters happen.

As part of a team, you’ll learn how to save lives, protect property and gain the confidence to help out in an emergency, becoming a proud, valuable member of your community.

We are on the lookout, for people like you, to join, learn, be ready.

Are you ready to become one of us?

You can read more about the campaign, view the video, and find links to all the participating agencies at www.emergencyvolunteers.tas.gov.au

Emergency Volunteers

Emergency Management Plans

Latrobe Council has an important role in emergency management.  Council has resources that may be directly utilised, has access to other resources within the community and to vital information that will be required when responding to and recovering from an emergency.

Council prepares Emergency Management Plans for the Municipal Area:

Mersey Leven Tasmanian Municipal Emergency Management Plan