Staff Structure

Organisational Structure

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Resource Sharing

Kentish and Latrobe Councils value collaboration and partnerships both within and outside their municipalities.  As part of their business models, the councils have entered into a resource-sharing arrangement.

Through resource sharing the two Councils are able to balance economic efficiency with maintaining local democracy, keeping a sense of place and a sense of community. Partnerships of this nature enable the communities to gain benefits that may have been otherwise unattainable.

The resource-sharing arrangement is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding which articulates all the terms and conditions for the parties to abide by.  Both councils have seen improved levels of service quality, economies of scope and scale and increased organisational development and strategic capacity.

Key Milestones

2008Initial meeting between the two councils to discuss sharing of resources
Formation of Kentish and Latrobe Council Municipal Alliances Committee.
2010Agreement to share Latrobe Council’s General Manager.
2011Agreement to share the following positions;
Manager Engineering and Works, Accountant, Tourism and Economic Development Officer, Workplace Health and Safety and Risk Management Officer and Environmental Health Officer.
2013Agreement to restructure planning and building services departments to form one Department to service both councils.
2015Shared Works Manager appointed.
2016Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government at University of Technology Sydney reviewed Council’s resource sharing arrangement and their report (UTS:CLG 2016) revealed conservative savings of $768,000 across the two councils in the 2015/16 year.
The councils engaged LKS Quaero to assist with the implementation of 21 recommendations from the Centre of Excellence for Local Government Report.

Both Councils are working together to implement the report’s recommendations and have several projects underway under the banner of Embedding Shared Resources:

*Outdoor Workforce – sharing staff, equipment, skills and work plans in parks and reserves, facility management,
road construction and maintenance, and engineering;

*Information Technology and Business Systems – sharing software, systems and procedures to support staff to efficiently do their work;

*Information Technology and Business Systems – sharing software, systems and procedures to support staff to efficiently do their work;

*Workforce Development and Succession Planning – sharing staff development tools and plans to smooth workload during busy periods such as following a natural disaster; and

*Indoor Workforce – sharing staff, procedures, skills and work plans.

Latest Information

Resource Sharing Update August 2019(221 kb)

Further Information