Roadside Vendors

Running an Activity on Council Land?

There are many uses of public land, especially during the warmer weather.  Many of them are on the spur of the moment - a gathering of friends, a bbq, perhaps even a roadside stall to raise funds for a group or even generate an income - however others are planned well in advance such as a wedding, school event etc.

Latrobe Council encourages the use of its built and open space facilities however, as you would expect when a visitor calls to your home, we like to ensure that the best possible presentation is made at these locations so everyone enjoys the occasion; the activity doesn't impinge on others rights to use public land and that the facility is actually available for use when you want it.

While you may think that you are only a small group, it is when you get lots of small groups wanting to use the same facility at the same time or maybe even a large group wanting sole use that contact with Council is recommended at the earliest opportunity.

Details should be given in writing advising of what you are planning, where you are proposing and contact details of the coordinator.  Council will then follow up with you on any other information that may be needed prior to approval being provided.

There will be occasions where activities are not approved by Council however this is generally only the case in high risk or inappropriate activities.

With approval, you then have something in your hand to present to anyone questioning your right to be doing what you have permission to do.  It also enables Council to cater for community needs i.e. scheduling of maintenance at facility; stocking of sufficient supplies pre and post event etc.

Should your activity be a roadside stall, maybe for fundraising purposes, you are required to complete a Roadside Vendor Application and lodge with Council no less than five (5) working days prior to your activity.

Should you be seeking to run a large event, you may be required to complete an Event Management Plan, which requires lodgement no later than 30 working days prior to your event.

Click here for the Roadside Vendor Stallholder Application form.