Council Meeting Dates

2020 Council Meeting Dates

January 20th

February 10th

March 10th  (Tuesday due to Eight Hours Day public holiday)

April 6th

May 11th

June 15th

July 13th

August 10th 

September 14th

October 12th

November 9th

December 14th

AGM - December 14th

Meetings commence at 5:00 pm at the Latrobe Council Chambers.

10th February and 10th August Council Meetings will be held at the Banksia Centre.

At each Council meeting up to 15 minutes will be provided at a time determined by the Chairperson for any person present at the meeting (other than a Councillor) to ask questions or address the Council on a Council related issue.  Please click here to view Council's policy on public participation at Council meetings.