Animal Control

Dogs and cats are great companion animals, but owning one means you have particular responsibilities, both to your pet and also to the general public.

We must remember not everyone likes cats and dogs, in fact many people dislike them. Therefore, to ensure they are not a nuisance to the community and other animals, owners are required to make sure that they comply with Councils 'Dog Management Policy' and the Dog Control Act 2000.

Please remember whilst walking your dog in public, they must remain on a lead at all times and to pick up any droppings that your dog is responsible for.

Dog poo loos and bag dispensers are located at -

TownLocationDog Poo LooBag Dispenser
LatrobePig Island Off Leash Exercise AreaYY
LatrobeBert Campbell Walk, opposite Australian Axemans Hall of Fame entryYY
LatrobeThompsons Park Off Leash Exercise AreaYY
LatrobeKings ParkYY
LatrobeOutside 54 Gilbert Street Y
LatrobeOutside Latrobe Village Market, 169-171 Gilbert Street Y

Dog owners are advised to become familiar with 'off leash exercise area' boundaries and 'prohibited areas'.

Responsible Dog Ownership

Latrobe Dog Exercise Area

Port Sorell/Shearwater/Hawley Beach Dog Exercise Area

Regular patrols of the municipality are undertaken and if your dog is collected and impounded it can be collected from the Spreyton Dogs Home in Durkins Road, Quoiba - Phone 03 6427 2178.

In 2004 Council started a voluntary Cat Registration program. Registering your cat is a safeguard if it becomes lost or caught in any of the cages that are out in the community to catch feral/stray animals.

Please register Cats and Dogs during July each year to receive a discount and avoid being fined for unregistered animals.

The Latrobe Council Dog Management Policy covers the following:

  • Registration (Dogs aged six months and over);
  • Fees
  • Licences
  • Exercise areas;
  • Prohibited areas;
  • Councils "Responsible Dog Ownership Code";
  • More common "On the spot fines";
  • Doggy Do's and Don'ts;
  • Barking, straying and lost dogs;
  • Location of Dog Poo Loo's and Bag Dispensers.

If you have a Barking Dog Complaint, please complete this form. Barking Dog Complaint Form(60 kb)

Click here to see frequently asked questions. If your particular question is not addressed or you require further information please contact Council's Animal Control Officer on 6426 4444.

Disclaimer to FAQs


In 2004 Council started a voluntary Cat Registration program. Registering your cat is a safeguard if it becomes lost or caught in any of the cages that are out in the community to catch feral/stray animals.

In accordance with the Cat Management Act, 2009 Council has declared the following areas prohibited to cats;


Bells Parade Precinct, Dooleys Hill Reserve, Kings Park, Bass Highway Detention Reserve and Latrobe Cemetery

Port Sorell

Rubicon Reserve, Pitcairn Reserve, Aub Luck Reserve, Panatana Park, Camp Banksia, Port Sorell Transfer Station

Declared area map for Latrobe(717 kb)

Declared area map for Port Sorell(621 kb)

For information on being a responsible cat owner visit the following websites:


Pursuant to Part 2 of the Dog Control Act, 2000 owners and keepers of dogs residing within the Latrobe Municipality are advised that Dog Registration Fees for 2019/2020 in respect of all dogs over the age of six (6) months on July 1, 2019 are as follows:




Male/Female Dog



Working Dog



Purebred Dog (registered)



Greyhound (registered)



Hunting Dog owned by member of North West Hound Owners Association



Dog that has completed an accredited training course



Dog owned by pensioner (one only)



Neutered Dog



Dangerous Dog



Declared restricted breed dog



Guide Dog/Medical Response Dog



Kennel licences

Licence for more than 2 dogs over the age of 6 months


Renewal of existing Kennel licence


The registration fee for persons wishing to register newly acquired dogs after 31st December, 2019 will be 50% the applicable rate, or if after 31st March, 2020 will be 25% the applicable rate.


General cat registration

$10 per cat

Neutered cat

$3 per cat

Cat owned by pensioner

$5 per cat

Renewal notices will be forwarded prior to 1st July, 2019.

Gerald Monson