Latrobe Works is responsible for the construction and maintenance of Councils Infrastructure Services. All new works, not publicly tendered, are undertaken by Latrobe Works on a semi-commercial basis.

Latrobe Works may also tender for publicly tendered works other than Council Funded Tenders, and undertake private works for ratepayers.

Latrobe Works is made up of three teams:

  • Roads
  • Town Services
  • Green Spaces

Latrobe Works Principle Goals are;

  • to be the principal provider of quality services to Latrobe Council;
  • to expand the business and obtain respect from similar service client providers;
  • to provide an accident-free workplace for employees and the community;
  • to provide services at a competitive rate whilst maintaining quality and community focus;
  • and maximise Latrobe Works efficiencies and plant with other service providers.