Elderly Person Units

Council operates 60 one and two bedroom elderly persons units within various locations in the town of Latrobe.  The small number of unit complexes is two whilst the largest is nine units.

Tenancy is based on the payment of a founder donor contribution, plus a weekly rent that covers minor building maintenance, rates, lawn mowing and building insurance.

The units are not suitable for disabled persons.  They are primarily provided as the step between being responsible for your own home maintenance and requiring full personal care in an aged care facility.

The payment of the founder donor contribution is able to be applied in three ways so as not to discriminate against prospective tenants that can't afford the initial foundor donor outlay. Options include the proportioned founder donor fee; the weekly rent and a levy.

An advisory committee, consisting of tenant representatives and Council representatives - staff and Councillors - advises Council on the overall management of the unit complexes.

Allocation of units is made from a waiting list and offered - in the first instance - to the person/s who has been on the register the longest.

To register, please complete the application form and return to Council.


Any person who is classed as an "aged person" as per the definition of the Aged Persons Homes Act 1954 and as amended in 1989, being "a man who has attained the age of sixty-five years or a woman who has attained the age of sixty years", and being in receipt of either an aged or service pension

For further information, please contact Michelle Dutton on 6426 4444.