Interim Planning Scheme

The Latrobe Interim Planning Scheme has been declared for the municipal area and is effective from Saturday 19 October 2013.

Interim Planning Schemes for all nine municipal areas in the Cradle Coast region have been declared by the Minister for Planning as part of a regional package.  The region’s Councils have been working together to deliver consistent planning schemes based on the same Regional Land Use Strategy.

The Latrobe Interim Planning Scheme was placed on public exhibition for a period of two months from 19 October until 20 December 2013 and 14 representations were received.

View the Interim Planning Scheme

The Latrobe Interim Planning Scheme is available online and can be viewed as a printed copy at our council office.


You can easily read the sections of the Interim Planning Scheme that are relevant to you by using the State interactive website.

The text and the maps which comprise:

  • Zoning maps; and
  • Overlay maps, which include:
    • Code E2 - Devonport Airport Operational Airspace;
    • Code E3 - Scenic Landscape Value Areas;
    • Code E5 - Latrobe Conservation Area;
    • Code E6 - Landslip Hazard;
    • Code E6 - Flood Hazard;
    • Code F1 - Bellfield Industrial Specific Area; and
    • Code F2 - Port Sorell and Environs Specific Areas

can be viewed at

In Person

To view a printed copy of the Latrobe Interim Planning Scheme 2013 ordinance and maps, please visit our office at 170 Gilbert Street, Latrobe.

What's happening now?

The nine Councils of the Cradle Coast region prepared a joint report for the Tasmanian Planning Commission that gove regard to the submissions received following public exhibition of their Interim Planning Schemes.

The Councils coordinated a consistent response to submissions relating to regional matters, plus reported on matters specific to their own municipal area.

The joint report is available on the Commissions website at and can be inspected at Council's office.

The Commission conducted Hearings in respect of the joint report on Wednesday 22 October 2014 and Wednesday 5 August 2015.  Representors were invited to attend.

The Independent Panel assessing the Latrobe Interim Planning Scheme 2013, and the other 8 interim planning schemes in the Cradle Coast Region, has substantially completed its consideration of future planning scheme amendments resulting from the 800 planning matters raised in representations on these interim planning schemes.

The Panel intends to publish its conclusions and draft recommendations in stages for final comments by Councils and Representors over coming months.

Following the change of the State Government, draft legislation is being considered by parliament soon that could substantially amend the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 in relation to the interim planning scheme process.

Until further notice, the Latrobe Interim Planning Scheme continues to be the planning scheme currently in effect.

Please continue to visit this website for updates on finalisation of the Latrobe Interim Planning Scheme 2013.

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Other Useful Information

The Cradle Coast Regional Land Use Strategy 2010-2030

A Land Use Planning Strategy has been produced and declared by the Minister for Planning as part of the Cradle Coast Regional Planning Initiative under an agreement between the State Government and the nine Councils of the Cradle Coast region.

The Strategy is a statement of planning policy which has statutory effect.

Download a copy of the Regional Land Use Strategy here

To learn more about the Cradle Coast Interim Planning Schemes, their purpose, zones and how they are consistent across the region, refer to the Scheme Translation Document, Guide to the Cradle Coast Region Interim Planning Schemes - Towards Consistency.

Towards Consistency