Dog Registration

Dogs and cats are great companion animals, but owning one means you have particular responsibilities, both to your pet and also to the general public.

To register a dog with Latrobe Council please print off and complete Application for New Dog Registration, and make your payment at Latrobe Council, 170 Gilbert Street, Latrobe.  Please re-new registration during July each year to receive a discount and avoid being fined for unregistered animals.

Have any of your dog registration details changed?

Please complete the form below and return it to Council if any of the following has occurred:

  • Your dog is or will be living at a different address (for 60 days or longer)
  • Your dog has moved to a different municipal area
  • You have transferred ownership of your dog to someone else or have become the new owner
  • Your dog has died

Change Dog Registration Details

Please complete a Change of Postal Address form if you just wish to advise of a change in mailing address.

Dog Registration Payments

Payments for Dog Registrations may be made online or at the Latrobe Council Office.  All dogs over the age of 6 months, unless exempt, must be microchipped prior to being registered with the Council.

Dog and Cat Registration Fees 2020/2021

Pursuant to Part 2 of the Dog Control Act, 2000 owners and keepers of dogs residing within the Latrobe Municipality are advised that Dog Registration Fees for 2020/2021 in respect of all dogs over the age of six (6) months on July 1, 2020 are as follows:




Domestic Dog



Sterilised Dog



* Working Dog



Purebred Dog (Registered Breeder TCA)



Greyhound (Registered TRB)



# Hunting Dog



Dog completed accredited training course



Declared Dangerous Dog



Declared Restricted Breed Dog



## Pensioner's Dog



Guide/Hearing/Medical Response Dog



Replacement of lost tag$3.00$3.00
Transfer of registration from another council area (proof required)$3.00$3.00

* As defined in the Dog Control Act 2000 - on the provision of evidence

# Hunting Dog - must be a current financial member of an approved recognised association (evidence must be provided)

## Discounted fee is for one dog only, on the production of a Pension Card.  NB. Additional dogs - full fee applicable.

Kennel licences

Licence for more than 2 dogs over the age of 6 months


Renewal of existing Kennel licence


The registration fee for persons wishing to register newly acquired dogs after 31st December, 2020 will be 50% the applicable rate, or if after 31st March, 2021 will be 25% the applicable rate.


General cat registration

$10 per cat

Neutered cat

$3 per cat

Cat owned by pensioner

$5 per cat

Renewal notices will be forwarded prior to 1st July, 2020

Gerald Monson