VC Recorded After Teddy's Name

13th January 2021
Information about the addition of VC on the Cenotaph


With the announcement of the awarding of the Victoria Cross to Edward ‘Teddy’ Sheean in August 2020, and this being effected on 1 December 2020, a collaboration between Latrobe Council and the Tasmanian Government has resulted in the addition of the initials “VC” after Teddy’s name on the World War 2 section of the Latrobe Cenotaph.


Funding Logos

Associated with this work was the regilding of all names on the World War 2 plaques by Dunn Stone Industries, Launceston.

Cenotaph WW2 panels

The Latrobe Cenotaph takes pride of place within the Latrobe Post Office Reserve, Gilbert Street, Latrobe.

Edward ‘Teddy’ Sheean’s story is truly inspiring and is detailed further west from the Latrobe Cenotaph on Gilbert Street, Latrobe at SHEEAN MEMORIAL.

Sheean Memorial was established in 1992 and describes Teddy’s childhood, right through to when he joined the Navy, and his final battle and ultimate sacrifice for which he is recognised with a Victoria Cross. This Victoria Cross is the first to be awarded to a rank within the Royal Australian Navy and even more significant given Teddy was the youngest and lowest ranked on HMAS ARMIDALE.

As you move beyond Sheean Memorial, you are led to a memorial path (SHEEAN WALK) to River Road, Latrobe.

This walk is sectioned to inform you, via plaques on bollards, of defence force activities in which Australia has been involved. They include –

* World War 2 between Gilbert Street and Victor Street;
* World War 1 between Victor Street and Twiss Street; and
* Conflicts since World War 2 between Twiss Street and River Road.

WW2 Section Sheean Walk

At River Road, the walk turns in to the BERT CAMPBELL MEMORIAL WALK, in memory of former Latrobe Council Mayor, Robert (Bert) Campbell.

Bert Campbell Memorial Walk

This leads to the Mersey River where you can turn right to go to the Australian Axemans Hall of Fame and further on to the picturesque BELLS PARADE or left to ATKINSON PARK and Gilbert Street.

Mersey River Right

Axemans Hall of Fame

Bells Parade Footbridge

Atkinson Reserve