Media Release: CCA Focussed on Climate Change

15th September 2020
Media Release: CCA Focussed on Climate Change


Cradle Coast Authority (CCA) will develop an additional online property management planning (PMP) module to help farmers understand what climate change will mean for their farm.

The work will add to nine PMP modules that are already freely available to farmers. The online learning modules are complemented by optional on-farm visits and telephone support, and more than twenty farmers are currently working through the program.

“Having the knowledge to adapt to climate change will help both large and small scale farmers avoid unanticipated costs and productivity losses, and build long term resilience into the sector” said CCA CEO, Daryl Connelly.

“Helping our region adapt to climate change is a priority for our Member Councils, as well as the Tasmanian and Australian Governments. It’s something we are all working on together” he said.

CCA has other climate change projects in mind, such as helping Member Councils understand and reduce emissions, and making it easier for Councils and businesses to complete a cost-benefit analysis on converting to electric vehicles.

The Tasmanian Government is contributing $16,000 for development of the new module through its Climate Research Grants Program, and the module will be available by the end of the year.

Commercial and hobby farmers interested in property management planning should contact CCA’s Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator, Dr Tom O’Malley on 0410 150 994.