Mayor's Message

8th April 2020

Mayor Peter Freshney's Message

MAYOR’S MESSAGE – 08/04/2020

In the current climate of change and uncertainty that COVID-19 has triggered I am heartened by our community’s efforts to do the right thing by staying at home and practicing social distancing.  Business is certainly continuing for Latrobe Council albeit in a variety of different methods.  Some staff are working from home, whilst others are continuing to work from Council locations and it’s great to see that both staff and Councillors are able to continue their interactions via online platforms such as Skype and Zoom.  Council strongly supports the Government’s messages about non-essential travel, the need to stay at home and social distancing, so last week the front doors to the Council Office were closed for the time being, which will indeed minimise the risks to both staff and customers.  Council is very much still ‘open for business’ and we are contactable by various methods including phone (6426 4444), email ( as well as the customer request link on the Latrobe Council Website (

On Monday evening Latrobe Council sat for its inaugural online Council Meeting via Skype and although there were some minor difficulties, I am proud to say that your elected representatives are indeed rising to the challenge of finding new ways to work with and for their community.

I would like to remind residents that the Mersey Community Hospital will no longer be allowing visitors into the complex unless by a partner visiting at the birth of child, a parent visiting a dependent child or for compassionate reasons.  Although the hospital’s emergency department is currently open from 8am to 10pm daily, anyone with emergency needs are now being transported to the Launceston General Hospital for treatment.

Lastly, I strongly urge residents to please familiarise yourself with the Tasmanian Government’s website There is a wealth of information on this site with this website remaining the single source of truth for information relating to Tasmania’s response to COVID-19.

Please stay safe during the upcoming Easter period, stay at home and do your bit to ensure the safety of our community and indeed all Tasmanians.  Happy Easter everyone!