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Port Sorell and Environs Strategic Plan Draft Report

A draft report resultant of the review was presented to Council at its meeting on 12 June 2018, where it was resolved to be received by Council and placed on public exhibition for a period of 60 days in order to obtain public feedback on the recommendations it contains

The Port Sorell and Environs Strategic Plan 2008 was developed following an extensive public consultative process initiated with an Enquiry By Design Workshop held in March 2008.  The Strategic Plan itself was prepared by Council in mid-2008 and formally adopted by Council in late 2008. 

Since the adoption of the Strategic Plan, many key elements of the Plan have been realised and the town is now a much more self-sufficient community with improved shopping, education and community facilities.

With respect to population growth, Port Sorell has continued to grow.   However, the rate of growth has been slower than anticipated in 2008

In addition, there have been extensive investigations into sea level rise, storm water management, water supply capacity and sewer capacity.  All of these issues are now significant influences on growth in Port Sorell.

These achievements, studies and consideration of infrastructure provision indicate that it is now an appropriate time to review the Port Sorell Strategic Plan 2008

Council appointed Wendy Morris from Ecologically Sustainable Design Pty Ltd, to lead and guide the project, with input from staff in terms of project logistics and surveys, as well as a collaborative approach to framing the project outcomes and recommendations.

The Project will provide an integrated framework for the future growth and development of the Port Sorell and environs.

The key aims of the project include:

  • A detailed Review of the 2008 Port Sorell Strategic Plan, documenting what has progressed, what has not progressed, and what has varied;
  • A review of the demographics of the Study Area;
  • Evaluation of both the benefits of the new town centre and its impacts, particularly on the Shearwater village centre;
  • Evaluation of the impacts of recent residential development, including the issue of possible oversupply of lots;
  • Review the need to retain various parcels of Council owned land;
  • Prepare a development concept and design principles for the triangular land parcel owned by Fairbrother Pty Ltd (CT165535/1) in the town centre;
  • Review the traffic functioning of Alexander Street in the town centre area, including the Poyston St intersection impact, and facilitation of commercial development on the east side of Alexander St
  • Prepare a development concept and/or design principles for the former Shearwater Golf Club land (CT169982/1);
  • Review the amount of land identified for Rural Living Purposes, and identify any current issues, including the need to ensure an adequate street network;
  • If a new Waste Transfer Station is considered necessary and if so where should it be located?
  • Review street connectivity options in the Camp Banksia area, in conjunction with the separate review of the facility which is now underway;
  • Investigate options for providing an improved sports ground in Port Sorell;
  • Identify the needs for and possible locations for additional civic uses in Port Sorell, including a library; on-line access centre etc;
  • Explore ways in which construction of the proposed ‘Pink St parallel route might be brought forward.

The project formally commenced in February 2017 when stakeholder consultations were held, together with a Public Meeting held on Thursday 23rd February at the Port Sorell Memorial Hall.  Attendees were invited to voice their views on several issues including traffic and parking, storm water and flooding, sporting facilities and residential development issues.  Members of the public were also invited to lodge further submissions in regard to any issue they would like considered in the review

This was followed by an all-day community workshop held on Saturday 8th April 2017. 

The draft report resultant of the review was presented to Council at its meeting on 12 June 2018, where it was resolved to be received by Council and placed on public exhibition for a period of 60 days in order to obtain public feedback on the recommendations it contains

A copy of the draft outcomes report can be viewed at Council’s office at 170 Gilbert Street, Latrobe and also on its website at www.latrobe.tas.gov.au

Representations are to be in writing and addressed to the General Manager, P O Box 63, Latrobe 7307 or emailed to council@latrobe.tas.gov.au .  The public exhibition period closes at 4.30pm on 15 August 2018.

Following the public exhibition period, Council will further review the draft report and its recommendations in light of any representations received, together with a concurrent review of the outputs of a separate Camp Banksia Futures Study.  This report will then be finalized and adopted by Council as the primary reference to inform the future Port Sorell Strategic Plan 2018.

Port Sorell Strategic Plan Review June 2018 FINAL(9377 kb)

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