18 June 2018

Options and alternatives to flood proofing 70 homes in Latrobe presented in "Minimising Flood Risk in Latrobe - Hydraulic modelling and levee options assessment" report jointly funded by the Natural Disaster Resilience Grants program and Latrobe Council.

Released: 17 June, 2018


“Latrobe Council and our community welcome the announcement by the leader of the Federal Labor Party, the Honourable Bill Shorten MP, of a $3.4 million commitment to fund the construction of a flood mitigation project to protect the township of Latrobe from future flooding events, like the catastrophic event experienced in 2016.

Latrobe Council appreciates the ongoing interest and advocacy provided by former MHR Justine Keay and thanks her for successfully lobbying the Federal Labor Caucus to garner their support for this project.

Council are in no doubt that this project deserves bipartisan support at both a Federal and State level and, it is fair to say, our community expects no less of its elected members,” said Latrobe Council’s Mayor Peter Freshney.

Options and alternatives are outlined in the report “Minimising Flood Risk in Latrobe”, funded jointly under the Natural Disaster Resilience Grants program and Latrobe Council and delivered by the Hydro’s consulting arm, Entura with valuable input from Latrobe Council personnel.

“The hydraulic modelling and levee option assessments clearly demonstrates that it is possible to flood protect Latrobe from the Mersey River in all but the rarest of events.

The review and subsequent report considers four short listed options to flood protect Latrobe and recommends Option D which protects all developed properties from the modelled Mersey River flood waters.

In addition, the recommended option includes increasing the flow capacity of Kings Creek by lowering friction loses and effectively raising the containment walls as the creek can currently break its banks when combined with high water levels in the Mersey River.

Option D is considered the most desirable long-term solution as it does not rely on flood protecting properties prior to or during an event.  Flood protection works are envisaged to be permanent structures and not reliant on the deployment of personnel at relatively short notice.

Option D is costed at $4,5 million however it should be clearly noted that those costs are based on a conceptual outline of the work involved and more detailed design work could well result in a revised cost estimate once specific issues are explored in more detail,” added Mayor Freshney.

Latrobe Council will host a public meeting at the Latrobe Memorial Hall, Gilbert Street, Latrobe, on Monday 2nd July 2018, commencing at 7:00pm where Mr David Fuller from Entura and Council representatives will outline the content of the report and subsequent actions to be pursued.

Option D of the flood mitigation of Latrobe(823 kb)

Minimising Flood Risk in Latrobe 2018 c. Entura and Latrobe Council(44841 kb)

Report of the Independent Review into the Tasmanian Floods of June and July 2016 by Mike Blake(1359 kb)


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